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Attention All Passengers

Please adhere to the following rules for your safety and comfort.

Passenger Rules
Seatbelts must be worn at all times. 
Follow the instructions given by the crew while the bus is in motion to prevent accidents. 
Beware of overhead branches and leaves.
Passengers are responsible for taking measures against sunburn and heat exhaustion during the summer,
and against low temperatures and adverse weather conditions during the winter.
Take extra care as clothes, hats and belongings may be blown away by the wind and rain.
Food and Drink
Food and drink are prohibited in the bus. Drinks (except alcoholic drinks) in plastic bottles and flasks with caps are permitted.
Attention Passengers
Do not stand up or change seats while the bus is in motion.
Do not raise the hands or place the hands outside of the bus.
Do not hold children in one’s arms or place them on one’s lap.
Do not use umbrellas (including parasols)
In the Event of Rain
Raincoats will be provided if rain is forecasted.
The aisles become very slippery, so take caution when getting on and off the bus.
Clothes and belongings may get wet on the seats in rainy conditions.
Beware of rain drops from the trees along the road, road signs and tunnels in rainy conditions.
For safety reasons, services may be interrupted or cancelled at our discretion if an advisory or warning against adverse
weather such as wind, rain, thunder showers and snow is issued in Osaka City.

We will not be responsible for damages to
passengers resulting from such events.