Kansai Int’l Airport

Abeno Harukas
(Tennoji Sta.)

Kansai Int’l Airport
Terminal 1
Terminal 2 (LCC only)

Fare Chart
Using the Limousine Bus


Fare Chart

Adult one-way
1 accompanying child rides free
Round trip2,900Adult fare only  ※Valid for 14 days from day the ticket is first validated

Using the Limousine Bus

  • No smoking in all the buses.
  • Pre-school children (aged under 6 years) accompanied by an adult or a child ride free. Pre-school children requiring seats are required to pay child fares.
  • As limousine buses do not accept advance reservations, passengers board in order of queue. If the bus is full, please wait for the next service.
  • Passengers may use the tip up seats if all the passenger seats are occupied. Please note that the same fare applies to tip up seats.
  • Allow extra time for the journey as arrival may be later than scheduled due to traffic conditions and delays.

About the Use of the Bus Baggage Space (Handling of Baggage)

  • Please store large pieces of baggage in the baggage space. However, pieces of baggage which do not fit in the baggage space cannot be stored.
  • The following conditions apply for storage in the baggage space.
  • Passengers carrying many pieces of baggage cannot use the baggage space or take the baggage inside the bus.
  • Dangerous goods or any goods which may cause inconvenience to other passengers are strictly prohibited on the bus.
  • Please store valuables and fragile items etc. inside the bus. The bus company assumes no responsibility for any damage such as breakage or loss.
  • The pieces of baggage which can be stored in the baggage space is restricted to a maximum of 2 per person.
    We refuse to accept 3 or more pieces, even if the passenger pays an additional fee to the bus fare.
    Passengers wishing to transport 3 or more pieces may use a baggage delivery service or a different form of transport.